Unit of Measure


Type of Tooling

N/A Trumpf Style Wila NS Style Wilson WT Style


N/A Mobile

Overall Width

N/A 39 in

Overall Depth

N/A 27-1/2 in

Overall Height

N/A 40-1/4 in

Color Finish

N/A Industrial Blue

Tool Capacity

N/A Protects up to 44 tools and guide assemblies: 33 full-length dies and 11 full-length punches

Drawer Quantity

N/A One, 10 in. Height Drawer One, 3 in. Height Drawer Two, 7 in. Height Drawer

Drawer Height

N/A 3 in7 in10 in

Maximum Die Height for 3 Inch Height Drawer

N/A 2-1/4 in57 mm

Maximum Die Height for 7 Inch Height Drawer

N/A 5-3/4 in146 mm

Maximum Punch Height for 10 Inch Height Drawer

N/A 10 in254 mm


N/A 200 lb for 3 in. Drawer Height 400 lb for 7 and 10 in. Drawer Height

Lock Type

N/A Tubular Key Cam Lock and 1ataTime™ Drawer Lock Safety System

Wheel Construction

N/A 2 Rigid and 2 Swivel with Brakes

Number of Full Length Punches

N/A 11

Number of Full Length Dies

N/A 33


N/A Lean


N/A 5S

Features and Benefits

N/A 4-Drawer Press Brake Tooling Cabinet for Wila NS, Wilson WT, and Trumpf Style Organize and protects up to 44 tools and guide assemblies: 33 full-length dies and 11 full-length punches and is built extremely strong for long years of shop life. A patented one at a 1ataTime™ drawer interlock safety system enhances safety by preventing cabinet tip over. The drawers are specially designed to hold and protect each tool, allowing them to be inventoried and assigned a unique identifiable location, saving time spent searching.

  • Protect Tool Investment
  • Organize Tools and Guide Assemblies for Efficiency
  • Safer Work Environment
  • Saves Time
  • Interlock Safety System
  • Cost Effective
  • Built Extremely Strong
  • Made In USA
  • Compliments "Lean" and "5S" Initiatives