• VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Dies

    Fab Supply's VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Dies significantly outperform the standard shim-style adjustable dies in both productivity and durability. Their unique design allows them to provide a high level of functionality in a wide variety of forming applications. Unlike the shim-style adjustable dies that require the operator(s) to lift shims in and out of the tool to change the opening, the VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Die simply requires the operator to loosen the stripper bolts. As the stripper bolts are loosened, the saddle blocks are automatically lifted, thereby disengaging the locking channels at the bottom of the saddle from those located in the base plate. The saddle blocks, which glide on cam rollers, can then be moved easily and safely into the appropriate position. Once positioned, simply tightening the stripper bolts will re-engage the locking mechanism, and the die will be ready for use.

  • Adjustable Lower Dies

    Adjustable lower dies could be considered to be one of the most versatile additions to a press brake. With this type of tool, openings can be arranged from 1/4" to 15". Spacers are provided to produce the required opening. Slotted spacers allow for easy removal to change the die opening. When not in use, spacers are positioned at sides of the die block. These dies can be furnished in solid lengths or sectioned for easier handling.

  • Rolla-V Adjustable Dies

    Adjustable Rolla-V Dies

  • Rolla-V Adjustable Joggle Dies

    • Produce offset from 2 mm to 15 mm (0.078" - 0.590") with little or no marking
    • Control distortion of holes or slots in the bend area
    • Form 90 degree and open angle offsets
    • Modular upper and lower fittings allow the tool to be used in any style press brake
    • Spacer kits facilitate rapid tool set-up
    • Available in 500 mm, 250 mm and 100 mm lengths