• Produce virtually mark-free parts
  • Prevent cross-metal contamination
  • Minimize die changes - form a wide range of material thicknesses with a single die
Unit of Measure


Maximum Material Thickness

N/A 6.35 mm0.250 in

Maximum Outside Radius at 90 Degree Angle

N/A 18 mm0.709 in

Minimum Outside Flange

N/A 22.5 mm0.886 in
Maximum Bend Angle1 N/A 50 º

Tonnage Capacity

N/A 250 T/m84 T/ft

Solid Length

N/A 500 mm

Solid Weight

N/A 30.9 kg

Sectionalized Length

N/A 455 mm

Sectionalized Weight

N/A 28.5 kg

Application and Technical Data

N/A Application-and-Technical-Data-Rolla-v-catalog


N/A 455 mm lengths sectionalized sets includes 200 mm, 100 mm, 60 mm, 50 mm, 45 mm pieces.

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