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Item # RVM90-4, RVM 90 Rolla-V Die

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  • Produce virtually mark-free parts
  • Prevent cross-metal contamination
  • Minimize die changes - form a wide range of material thicknesses with a single die


Maximum Material Thickness

12.7 mm

Maximum Outside Radius at 90 Degree Angle

40 mm

Minimum Outside Flange

55 mm

Maximum Bend Angle

60 º

Tonnage Capacity

300 T/m

Solid Length

200 mm

Solid Weight

38.1 kg

Application and Technical Data



·  Rolla-V Press Brake Dies

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·  Rolla-V Sample Part 1

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·  Rolla-V Sample Part 4

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 5

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 6

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 7

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 8

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 9

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 10

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 11

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 12

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 13

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 14

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 15

·  Rolla-V Sample Part 16

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Rolla V Brochure
(PDF, 3229KB)

Rolla V video 1

Rolla V video 2

Rolla V video 3

Rolla V video 4

Rolla V video 5

RVZ-01 Rolla-V Adjustable Joggle Tool Video

Application and Technical Data Rolla V
(PDF, 69KB)

Fab Supply is the master Distributor of the revolutionary
Rolla-V lower dies and is an excellent source for
light curtains, safety products, shear blades, urethane dies and accessories.


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